Please Write to Jelly Belly for a Vegan Candy Corn!

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Please Write to Jelly Belly for a Vegan Candy Corn!

Postby mstyhrly » Oct 17, 2007 6:49 pm

I've heard a lot of vegans ask about vegan candy corn and heard that Jelly Belly is the closest brand to being vegan, but still contains beeswax. I sent them a message using their customer service form. Please go to ... SessionID= to send Jelly Belly a message and ask them not to use beeswax in their candy, specifically candy corn. Please do not eat Jelly Belly candy corn just because its the closest brand to being vegan!

Here's the email I got back:

Our Solution:
Thank you for visiting our site. We hope the following information answers your question.
Thanks you for sharing your thoughts with us concerning beeswax. We will share your comments with our Product Development department for their information.

On 10/15/2007 4:43:06 PM, Misty Hurley sent:
I am a vegan, meaning I do not eat or use any animal products. Many vegans have a hard time with candy corn, as most candy corn contains either gelatin, eggs, and/or honey. Your product, however, does not contain these ingredients, but it does contain beeswax, which is also restricted for vegan consumption. Your candy corn is the closest of all brands to being vegan and all your company needs to do to make it vegan is drop the beeswax. By doing this, you will make many vegans happy that they will be able to consume candy corn again. Thank you for your time and attention, and please drop the beeswax from your candy, especially your candy corn.

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