Cows Milk is for Baby Cows

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Cows Milk is for Baby Cows

Postby approvalbunny » Apr 26, 2018 3:00 pm

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Re: Cows Milk is for Baby Cows

Postby expialidocious » Apr 27, 2018 10:14 am

A funny thing about "cows milk" is that the industry has tried to sue those who make soy milk or other plant milks for using the word "milk" on the label (because they want to have a monopoly on the word itself). They were laughed out of court though, for arguing that people were too stupid to know the difference. I think the other industries should counter sue to make them call it something like "depraved cow udder milk" on the label and in advertisements (so people would think of the cows more often, or at least the pus drippng in there).

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