Mixed results with peanuts

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Mixed results with peanuts

Postby expialidocious » Mar 9, 2018 9:36 am

I don't know what it is. Dry roasted peanuts sometimes go right through me, and more than once! Often they don't have that effect, however. I tried a couple different brands lately. One bag consistently affected me, and the other didn't. Although, today I had the same problem with the good brand. Do you think some of the peanuts need to be cooked more? I'm trying that now...

Okay, no it wasn't that entirely (more like entirely too much of it). Reading about food combining and digestion, nuts as a group are the most difficult foods to digest, which explains a lot of this. Same kind of thing happened with raisins. I can eat an ounce at a time but not a ten ounce bag (peanuts weren't upsetting me as much though, depending on how slowly I ate them). Strange but true: there aren't necessarily nutritious vegan snack foods, as I'd like to think of these (or how they're said to be snack foods). Just ingredients I can measure for good measure.

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