Darwin Tears: The Devolution of Man

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Darwin Tears: The Devolution of Man

Postby kalantai » Feb 8, 2008 11:36 am

Darwin Tears: The Devolution of Man
In natural selection, favorable heritable characteristics of a species tend to survive the unfavorable heritable traits, allowing for an enhancement of that species. This evolution ultimately influences survival rates as the species evolves to successfully meet its environmental challenges. The varied species of the Galapagos are perhaps our best evidence of this; and by protecting them, the Ecuadorian government provides anyone and everyone interested the unique opportunity to view Charles Darwin´s extraordinary theories of natural selection and evolution in real life.
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Postby dragonfly » Dec 17, 2008 3:22 am

That is indeed horrible, what a sad statement on the state of the world.

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Re: Darwin Tears: The Devolution of Man

Postby Trinity73x » Sep 19, 2011 1:12 am

for all the wonderful, inspirational, compassionate things humans are capable of; there is always an equivalent of how evil, sinister, and sadistic we can be.

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