Vegan Easy Recipe: Chickpeas with eggplant and tomato

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Vegan Easy Recipe: Chickpeas with eggplant and tomato

Postby VegoRecipes » Jun 2, 2019 9:03 am

Vegan Easy Recipe: Chickpeas with eggplant and tomato

Vegan Easy Recipe: Chickpeas with eggplant and tomato
The recipe today is very simple in the preparation and very delicious and satiated. It’s perfect when you’re hungry, but you do not want to eat much. Chickpeas are very nutritious and contain satiety, give energy and are good to taste. Plus all tomato juice and eggplant will give them a juicy taste that will make your mouth water. Do not stand, try this simple vegan recipe for cooking and very affordable for everyone.
Ingredients vegan easy recipe chickpeas
300 grams chickpeas
200 grams of red
200 grams of eggplant or 1 medium grain

Recipe preparation:
Step 1
Take 300 grams of chickpeas and boil it until it’s ready. To boil more quickly we put it in the water a night.

Step 2
Prepare 200 grams of tomatoes cut into cubes and put in the pan

Step 3
So do 200 grams of eggplant, cut into cubes, or how you like it and put it in the pan.

Step 4
Cut the 100 grams of onions and put them in the pan.

Step 5
Put 100 grams of oil. We light the pan, mix everything well. Within 5-10 minutes, tomatoes will give juice to boil the potatoes, absorb all the flavors in the pan.

Step 6
Heat slowly on the lid under the lid for 30 minutes periodically stirring as the mass to keep tight. Slow fire will make the potato grains better absorb the juices coming in and the tomatoes. Before you extinguish the fire, press the salt and pepper to taste.

Step 7
Let the food rest for 15 minutes.

Step 8
Put on a plate and serve with great appetite.


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