Donald Trump to build on UK conservation site!

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Donald Trump to build on UK conservation site!

Postby BigBecka » Dec 9, 2007 7:45 pm

I was just sent this by a friend in the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds). I think this cause needs some international awareness!

If Donald Trump can get away with building golf courses on a SSSI, money can buy anything and conservation stands for nothing.

NB: A SSSI is a Site of Special Scientific Interest

Feel free to sign the petitions if you feel able. You must be a British citizen or Resident to sign a Downing Street petition.

DISCLAIMER: I am not in the RSPB, and my views are not those of the RSPB, etc., etc.,...

You may be aware that Donald Trump has submitted a planning application for two golf courses and a very large housing and hotel development at Menie Estate on the coast just north of Aberdeen.

We have, along with a number of individuals and other organisations, including Scottish Natural Heritage objected to this application because it will involve the destruction of about one third of the Foveran Links SSSI. The area was designated because it contains a fantastic example of irreplaceable mobile and static sand dunes and associated biodiversity.

We need your support. There are a number of polls and petitions currently running in local newspapers like the Aberdeen Press and Journal but also on the Downing Street website, links attached below:

Aberdeen Press and Journal (see left hand side of page): ... K=19152117

Downing Street Petitions:

We would urge you to visit these polls and vote in support of our position of NO damage to the SSSI and the sand dune system.

Please pass this onto colleagues and others who you feel would be interested in supporting us.

More information about our position can be found on the internet at: ... /menie.asp .


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